The word prophet is Greek and means: “speak in the name of…”. Therefore, the name prophet clearly indicates the mission of these men: it is the prophet who speaks in THE name of GOD; it istheir living voice in the midst of the people, to remember the promises between God and his people, to straighten out and correct. It therefore has two purposes; to announce and denounce.


We are not just referring to the Prophets of the Old and New Testaments, but in the present time, in which there is so much confusion and crisis of faith, God raises Prophetic instruments tocontinue guiding His People.


This is how, at this moment in human history, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Maryspeak to His children through a prophet:


I donate Myself again by explaining My Word for My People through My Prophet, and I will keepnothing: I will reveal everything to My People, the People who love Me, respect Me, follow Me, andfulfill My Will.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, 04.19.2015


Children, the prophet announces, denounces, and communicates the Divine Will.

He who rebels against the Divine Will is a rebel, not the one who disobeys the prophet, but the onewho disobeys the requests that the Paternal House sends by means of the prophets.

The Most Holy Virgin Mary, 01.18.2016


This prophet is Luz de María, chosen by God for this mission…


My loving instrument, Luz de María, is a prophet of these last instants. Though it doesn’t mean sheknows everything, only the coming events that I allow her to know, but not the dates of the events.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, 11.05.2014


God explains His Word to this generation:


“I Am who I Am” (Ex. 3,14) and I do not deceive My children. My Holy Spirit continues giving life, enlightening, guiding MyPeople and especially My faithful Instruments.

My Word is sealed in Sacred Scripture, but I will continue giving the explanation of My Word as a”land flowing with milk and honey”, so that souls might not be lost out of ignorance. I entrust MyWord to My Prophet to convey it to My People, just as I preach it to her.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, 11.03.2016