Beloved children, I invite you to pray:


Divine Father, Eternal and Omnipotent, Holy Son, WordIncarnate,

Holy Paraclete, Divine Spirit, Three Personsin one True God.

Pour out Your Most Holy Blessing upon this creature

who cries outbefore Your Divine Majesty.


Take my hand so that I am not separated from Your Protection,

give me theimmovable hope of the encounter with Your Glory.

May my soul be sculpted by Your Holy Spirit and I find thediscernment

that leads me to the Truth of Your Word and

I do not deviate from the Holy Path.


Most Holy Trinity, you have bequeathed to Your People

the blessing of possessing the Queen and Mother of the End Times,

to intercede forand defend Your People.

I welcome such an exalted Queen and Mother,

I take Her blessed Hand

and I surrender to Her Maternal Instruction

so that, together with Her, I may be a doer of Your Will.


Mother who guides, Mother who intercedes,

Mother who protects this aimless Humanity,

be my helm atthis instant,

so that, before the clutches of evil,

my soul does not succumb out of weakness.


Give me the will power so that I may not fear the waiting,

But rather that I mayfear falling into the insinuations of evil

and do not let my soul be lost in thedarkness of evil.


Queen and Mother of the End Times,

come, receive me and teach me to wait for the Trinitarian instant,

may it not be I who wishes to advance the hour,

but under the protection of Your faithfulness,

may I be Your reflection and may no instant frighten me

before which it looks like I may succumb.


Queen and Mother of the End Times,

Make Love, Faith, and Hope, be reborn in me and also,

the courage to live like You, nourishing myself with theTrinitarian Will

and continuing with the fervent faith that You will lead me

towards the longed-for encounter with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

being reborn to the new life beside the Most Sacrosanct Trinity.


The Most Holy Virgin Mary, 07.30.2018