“… he who humbles himself will be exalted…” (Mt.23,12)


At this moment in the history of humanity, Our Lord Jesus Christ shows us His Mother as She is and reveals to us on May 13, 2018, the Will of the Holy Trinity to designate the Blessed Virgin Mary asQueen and Mother of the End Times, to be “the Woman who will crush the head of the serpent”…(Gen 3,15).

On May 13,  2018 Our Lord Jesus Christ designate this Invocation in the Name of the Most HolyTrinity.

My Mother, worshiper of our Trinity, lover of her children is and will be for all eternity Queen and Mother of all creation.


My Mother is worthy of all the titles that Our Divine Will attributes to Her. By the Will of the Father He granted Me Her Virgin Womb as a home and to grow in Her love, so that through My Mother I might love you with infinite Love.


The “yes” of My Mother is the “yes” that is repeated at this instant in each of my children, those who likeher say “yes” to our Divine Will. The  greatest Teacher of the path to Me is My Mother, the Woman clothed with the Sun, who undertook the path of holiness of My People before the instant in which I entrusted Humanity to Her. She loved you first.


My Mother acts with such gentleness and delicacy in the transformation of souls that no human creature can say that My Mother burst into their life by force, but rather with great Love. My Mother asks you to take Her hand and to walk together towards true happiness.

My mother pronounced Her “yes” with freedom, the same freedom that I have requested from you, My People, so that everyone becomes an echo of My Mother’s “yes”, masking the voices of evil thatwant to replace the one who will crush the head of Satan.


My beloved People, I want all to believe and come to the knowledge of the truth; just as My Mother continued to be a Virgin after childbirth, so She continues to be the Queen and Mother of all creation and in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Our Trinity has given her various names throughout the world, including “Our Lady of the End Times”, but given the grandeur of this instant in which my people must continue being faithful and loving in obedience to My Mother – woman of Faith, Surrender, Obedience, who does not tire of warning My People, as a faithful Disciple, our Trinity grants her the title of:




so that humanity would recognize in Her the Woman who Will overcome evil and crush the head of the infernal serpent and chain him so that he does not come back to seduce men again. May 13, 2018