Reina y Madre de los Últimos Tiempos

Luz de Maria shares her mystical experience when the Blessed Virgin Mary gives her this Invocation.


On August 25, 2006, during player, our Beloved Mother presented herself, with her love, andinnate tenderness, She said to me:

“Beloved daughter, Divine Love is poured out once again over humanity, I donate Myself to humanity with the invocation that brings together all My Invocations as Mother of all men. This invocation will be known as Queen and Mother of the End Times.”

In that moment, our Mother leaves and immediately presents herself with the new Invocation.Surrounded by Angels, She shines more than the sun, so adorned by the Divine Mysteries, that Ifeel my soul vibrating.

I try to observe everything She brings with Her and immediately our Mother says to me:


“My beloved, look at Me, I bring protection to my Son’s People, I bring shelter and most importantly, inMy Womb I present to you My Son, in the  Eucharistic Sacrament, center of life and nourishment forMy children.”


The golden Eucharist shines in a special way, and I feel it satiating me and penetrating mespiritually.


She begins the explanation of Her Invocation, and indulged in her Maternal Mystery, hours go bywhile She describes everything involving Her Invocation.


On my knees, thankful for everything Our Mother told me, I immediately communicate with a sister so she can draw a sketch of every single detail I saw, and thus have an initial image.   From there one,   we began a long search,   until we found the artist, designated by Heaven, todepict everything that My Mother revealed to me for these times when we need all Divine andMaternal help.