Reina y Madre de los Últimos Tiempos

Upon My image rests the Holy Spirit, of whom I am Temple and Tabernacle.

My love remains attentive to each one of those who are mine, those who I call to invoke My Mother, the Full of Grace, Advocate of Men, Temple and Tabernacle of My Holy Spirit. My Mother, in whom My People will find refuge in the instants of pain, My Mother, the one who remained at the foot of My Cross like those who truly love Me. Jesus Christ, 03.24.2013

I have come to each generation to clarify My Word, I have not come alone, I have come with My Mother whom so many scorn, ignoring that She is: The intercessor before me, My Father’s favored one, The one who is Temple and Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit. And how can you invoke the Holy Spirit in you if you only love that which is His gifts and scorn She who is His Temple and Tabernacle? Love My Mother, beyond what you love Her, She is the Defender of My People, to Her I have entrusted My Church, and the one who does not cling to Her Protection/Help, is like the one who walks with a band over his eyes - he will walk but will always find obstacles in his path. Jesus Christ, 08.23.2013

My Crown has three Crosses: the middle Cross belongs to My Son's Cross, the one on the right to remind you of Divine Mercy and how the repentant thief attained forgiveness and won Heaven, and the one on the left for you to keep in mind the one who mocked My Son, being on a cross, and condemned himself.

I want you to be true, and for this you have to learn from your falls in order that you might rise, in order that, in the shelter of My Mercy, flooded by My Love and the love of neighbor, you might be saved, like the penitent thief; therefore, it is essential that My Children request forgiveness and learn to forgive. Jesus Christ, 08.12.2019

I am eager to embrace you; this is why I call those who have left Me, those who have great debts with Me, and those who do not love their brothers. I call you to give you My Love, just like I received the good thief because it was in My Power, and I granted him participation in My Kingdom. Jesus Christ, 04.12.2015

Remember, daughter, that the Good Thief, in the final instant, recognized Christ, the Son of God, in My Son… and because of that he won Eternal Life, and in this instant, each one of My children can be that Good Thief who recognizes My Son and dedicates himself to live in His Will and with his works and his actions, win Eternal Life… and so will receive the same payment. Blessed Virgin Mary, 03.10.2014

The Scapular on My Chest is a sign of the commitment that My children have so that their life be alike to Mine: in obedience and faith to the Word of God.

Submerge yourselves in My Mother’s Heart, pray the Holy Rosary and carry the Scapular, sign before which demons flee. Jesus Christ, 07.16.2011

I, your Lord, who sees beyond where you see, invite you again to prepare yourselves in every aspect. Keep Sacramentals, carry My Cross, the Holy Rosary and do not forget the Scapular. But I must point out to you that if the state of the soul is not the correct one, if the human being has not confessed its sins, if it does not repent and make a firm commitment of amendment, the Sacramentals will only be an ornament. In order for these to protect you from demons and show My Presence and My Mother’s presence in them, the human being must remain in a state of grace, in a desire for conversion. Jesus Christ, 01.05.2011

My Sacred Heart illuminates the life of men and, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Within the Sacred Heart of My Son and My Immaculate Heart, each of Our children goes on being illuminated and inspired to work and act in the Will of God. Blessed Virgin Mary, 06.04.2017

Our Lord granted me a Vision: He showed me a blue sky, totally clear. In an instant Heaven opens and our Blessed Mother appears. I clearly saw how from the palms of Her Hands rays of light come out towards those who suffer on Earth because they are faithful to Her Son. These rays coming from the Hands of Our Mother come directly to the hearts of these brothers and sisters, and feeling the Love of our Mother they are taken out of what surrounds them and Peace floods their souls. I saw other brothers and sisters who were being held back without continuing on God's way, and the rays coming from our Mother were reaching their hearts, and faith was strengthened in them. Then Our Mother said: "IN THE END MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH." Jesus Christ, 04.27.2018

In My Womb, My Son is seen in the Holy Eucharist, unfolding His Love through yellow.

My Mother is worthy of all the titles that Our Divine Will attributes to Her. By the Will of the Father He granted Me Her Virgin Womb as a home and to grow in Her love, so that through My Mother I might love you with infinite Love. Jesus Christ, 05.13.2018

At this time of Advent, it is a wish of Our Trinity that you gestate in the womb of the Mother of all men. At this instant, it is absolutely necessary that you feed yourselves, nourish yourselves, form yourselves, fortify yourselves with the love of the Mother of all of humanity. So that you take from Her, Her same Love, Her same kindness, Her same charity, Her same patience, Her same amiability, Her same love of neighbor, Her unconditional surrender to the Will of Our Trinity; Her same “Fiat” at every moment and in every situation of her existence.

It is absolutely necessary that at this instant you nourish yourselves of Her same prudence, of Her same obedience that at every moment, without seeing and hearing other voices, She walked with Her sight fixed on the Will of Our Trinity. In the same way, place yourselves in, gestate in that virginal womb of the Mother, the one that We gave to you so She is the Arc, the Tabernacle where you take refuge, where you nourish yourselves at every instant of your existence. God The Father, 12.02.2009

On the wrists of My Hands you will notice a star, so that you remember that I am the Morning Star of the New Dawn and guide the People of My Son.

My Mother is the Morning Star that expands Her light to all without distinctions. Jesus Christ, 06.15.2012

My Son blesses you and I, as Mother of all men, bless you in My Maternal Heart and I, as the Morning Star, illuminate the path for you. Blessed Virgin Mary, 06.05.2011

Our Will has entrusted My Mother with the command of the Heavenly Legions in order that She be the one to crush the head of Satan and, as the Queen that She is of all Creation, guide the spiritual struggle that Humanity is living through in these instants. Hence the importance of rapport with the prayer of the Holy Rosary, hence the awareness of praying the Rosary and of the meaning of every word and every act performed in said offering. Jesus Christ, 08.28.2016

My Hands shine with light so that My children do not go astray and see the light of the beacon of My Hands, from which rays emanate that converge with the rays of My Son, present in the Holy Eucharist…

My Divine Son calls you to take My Hand and allow Me to guide you. My Son entrusted to Me the RESCUE of His People, not because I exceed him in holiness but because My Love surpasses all created Love and Holiness, and in Heaven there are myriads of Angels who thank God the Father for the Splendor of My Heart from the first instant of My terrestrial existence. Blessed Virgin Mary, 01.18.2016

You are living instants like never before, do not resist conversion, do not give excuses for not converting and for not obeying. My Son warns you, and since He respects man’s free will, He waits to be called, like I wait for you to take My Hand. I will not abandon you, not for an instant, because I want to rescue all My children and lead them to the Eternal Life. Blessed Virgin Mary, 03.11.2015

Our Mother presented herself dressed in white. I saw Her over the terrestrial globe, looking down, with rays that come out of the Palms of Her Hands and reach humanity. I saw a number of children ascend those Rays and they are introduced into the Mother’s Immaculate Heart, while in Her Womb She keeps Jesus as Eucharist. Luz de Maria Vision, 07.13.2011

…and deposit themselves in blessing on the newborn child, who represents, in the first place, Our beloved Angel of Peace—fruit of the Trinitarian Will—who is presented to Humanity by the Hand of God the Father who is guarding him. Second, the child represents the Holy Remnant. That Holy Remnant that is being protected and maintained on the Earth of peace, by the Hand of God the Almighty Father.

Do not forget Our beloved Angel of Peace who will come to present Himself to Humanity once the Antichrist is subjecting the People of My Son, so that he would not be confused with the Antichrist. Today I present the Angel of Peace to humanity ... A new creature, a creature instructed by the Most Holy Trinity, a creature who, in the likeness of John the Baptist, will cry out even in the desert of this generation so that you would return to and continue the path towards Salvation. Blessed Virgin Mary, 08.20.2018

My children, as Mother I bless you, as Mother I offer you My Love and My Heart so that you would enter into it, and as Queen and Mother of the End Times I ask that each one of you would be that child whom the Father's Hand protects and is born from the Hand of the Father as His creator, representing the Holy Remnant. Blessed Virgin Mary, 08.20.2018

The Earth, at this instant, is surrounded by My Holy Rosary, just as the renewed Earth will continue to be surrounded by My Holy Rosary. And with each Our Father and every Hail Mary that you have prayed in the Rosaries and in other prayers, you have multiplied them to infinity, because prayers will always bear fruits of life and in abundance. The Earth is shining, and the darkness will have passed. My Invocation represents the Hope of a new Heaven and a new earth.

I invite you to cover the Earth with the praying of the Holy Rosary. Severe events approach towards humankind, which is spiritually inert, and you must be lights that bring light and protection towards your brothers and sisters. Blessed Virgin Mary, 04.22.2012

Remember that prayer must be transformed into assistance for your peers: bringing My Son’s Word… Letting your brothers know that My Son returns so they won’t decline… Encourage them to continue on the right path… And share with them that they will enjoy a New Heaven and a New Earth, where peace shall reign, peace which at this instant does not reign on Earth. Blessed Virgin Mary, 05.27.2015

I love you infinitely, come to Me, I am your Mother, do not fear. You will see the new Heavens and the new Earth and united to My Heavenly Choir you will sing: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia to the One God and Trinity! Blessed Virgin Mary, 09.29.2014